Problem Solver

Yaacov-David Yaich

I have exercised a great deal of my work in the space field. I have therefore gained considerable experience in the design and implementation of the project, using my training as a physicist and a strong set of software for scientific applications.

Areas Yaacov-David Yaich is Knowledgeable in:

From my training and my experience, I can, from a simple idea, implementing a concept of mechanical and electrical module, or sub-equipment, type space or other. I know perfectly Autodesk Inventor Professional because I am the owner of a version with his autodesk license. The quality of work is the level of that achieved by a soft type CATIA

Techniques Yaacov-David Yaich Uses:

Technical Specification required
Risk analysis
Choice solutions
Theoretical Analysis
Calculation of expected performance
Model feasibility
Realization of prototypes
Benchmark program
Manufacturing process
Manufacturing records

Yaacov-David Yaich's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Search Technology in Thermal
  2. Design Project
  3. Development Project
  4. Physical measurements
  5. Implementation test
  6. Technical Vacuum
  7. Infrared
  8. Energy
  9. Energy
  10. Infrared
  11. Expertise coating materials
  12. Remote sensing
  13. Technical Vacuum
  14. Implementation test
  15. Physical measurements
  16. Development Project
  17. Design Project
  18. Search Technology in Thermal
  19. Expertise coating materials

Yaacov-David Yaich's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Design and development of means of physical measures
  2. Laboratory measurement of infrared thermography
  3. Development of software for scientific applications
  4. Design and development of means testing and measurements in space environment
  5. Design of a draft to repair ball storage for liquefied gas
  6. Design of a draft movement to zero risk of accident
  7. Design and development of means testing thermal-optical characteristics
  8. Design and development of black body reference
  9. design of a draft to repail mall storage for liquefied gas
  10. development of software for scientific applications
  11. design and development of means of physical measures
  12. design of a draft movement to zero risk of accident on the road
  13. laboratory measurement of infrared thermography
  14. Coating in the area of stealth
  15. Coating for the telescope ISO (scientific satellite)