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Zvjezdan Palenkic

Areas Zvjezdan Palenkic is Knowledgeable in:

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Zvjezdan Palenkic's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. innovations

Zvjezdan Palenkic's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. secret communication system that is very hard to detect on sea or water
    - a few works in a field of quantum physic - scalar high frequency waves, interferences fields made from different waves (poly matrix system made from electromechanical, electromagnetic, and new produced ) in harmonic activity on earth frequency
    - theory of non visibility torus energy and implementation of it in wireless transportation of energy
  2. I have 20 years experience in engineering.
    I have ability for fast solving problems or tasks. I am very familiar with ideas in different working areas and discipline (science, medicine, engineering, physics etc..)
    I have developed and patented many systems:
    - light ball
    - medical ball for autism
    - medical ball for blind people
    - personal small buoys for emergency light and radio communication on sea
    - smart buoys for divers
    - decorative buoys
    - system for protection against birds
    - system for dispersion of hail clouds
    - health phone - medical bracelet
    - ecological system for protection against fire: anti fire bombs, anti fire rockets, anti fire automatic system for cars, buses, trains, metros