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A revolutionary new product that safely threads cables and wires through cavity walls.

Sharon Wright, United Kingdom

Financial reward:
$1million +

The Story:
MagnaMole Since her eureka moment saleswoman-turned inventor Sharon Wright has enjoyed a rapid rise to success, getting her product patented, prototyped and rolling of the production lines in under two years.

She found a gap in the market a mile wide and plugged it with a much needed revolutionary product.

MagnaMole is a simple tool to pull a cable through the space in cavity walls. It works by using magnetic attraction. After drilling a hole in a wall you insert a magnetic rod, and then screw an appropriately sized magnetic cap onto the end of a cable or length of wire. Align the rod and magnetic cap together and then poke them through the wall. The cable stays attached so you don't have to blindly go looking for it.

Nothing Succeeds Like Simplicity

Wright first came up with her idea whilst a telephone engineer was carrying out some installation work at her home. He was using a coat hanger to try and thread a cable through the wall. Alarm bells went off in Wright’s head.

The engineer was sticking a piece of metal through a wall, not knowing what was on the other side. Within half an hour she had come up with her idea, one that solves the age-old problem of threading cables through walls. And half an hour after that she had registered it for a patent online.

Not knowing what to do next or where to turn she sat on the idea for a couple of weeks until she realised that a university technical department may be able to help. So she approached Hull University in the north of England, and they not only helped her with the prototype, but applied for funding on her behalf and connected her with a patent attorney.

Huge Ambition

Wright’s ambition for her idea is huge, and she can see the value of it to customers all around the world. It replaces a myriad of improvised solutions such as coat hangers and drill bits.

The inventor worked closely with her patent attorney, to make sure the company fully understood the product, its potential and all that she was trying to achieve.

Based on their advice MagnaMole has a worldwide patent, which includes applications in other sectors and markets.

Strong Sales

Coming from a sales background was a massive advantage, but Wright also believes that success can be put down to the passion she has for her product as well as the fact that people can clearly see how it solves a problem.

She has been earning a living from her invention ever since her first order for thousands was delivered. And she has signed a massive distribution deal with a major telecoms operator, something that took nearly 17 months to hammer out and involved several processes including health and safety, procurement, and tender. She was the first ever single-source company they had used. There is also distribution deal covering the USA and Canada.

Global Expansion

To achieve her dream of global expansion Wright is planning to approach the biggest distributors in each target country and earn royalties from licensing her product. She also has other inventions in the pipeline, ones that will only work with MagnaMole.

So the distribution chains she is setting up should help her achieve long term success.

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