ToolsAway is the only SpaceOnomical tool organizer in the world. It stores garden tools securely sorted and out of the way and it's so easy to use, you actually will.

Full Description:
Up to 17 garden tools can be kept safe, securely organized and easily retrievable with the ToolsAway. Rakes, shovels, brooms and other long-handled garden tools are inserted handle-first into the base and take up no more than four feet of wall and only one square foot of floor space. It can be easily mounted on any wall to improve the appearance and utility of a garage or shed. The ToolsAway is made of High impact plastic and is available in black. (Suggested retail price is $39.95.)

• Prevents accidents and injuries due to tools falling over and on to individuals, cars or other equipment.
• Can store up to 17 tools in only one square foot of floor space.
• User can easily and effortlessly reach each tool in seconds and replace them just as easily
• Helps to prevent lost tools in the garage or tool shed
• Frees up valuable wall and floor space for other items, such as shelves or larger tools
• Keeps tools better organized and neatly stored
• You can easily reach one at the rear and pull it out or put it back without disturbing the rest.
• Prevents rusted tools-keeps tools off the floor and dry
• Can be cleaned with a garden hose
• Resistant to oil/grease/dirt/etc
• Prevents damage to tools and they last longer and look better. Visually pleasing.
• Works even in sheds with 6 foot ceilings.

• Unit's compact size -- 22 3/4 inches x 6 1/2 inches x 9 3/4 inches -- takes up less than one square foot of floor space
• Holds up to 15 tools
• Store and retrieve most tools in less than six feet of headroom
• Holds tools securely in place using tubes to hold the tool handles
• Tubes are set at an angle, which enables the tool heads to be splayed, or fanned away from each other, to keep them separate so they are never entangled
• Can be easily mounted to any wall.
• Unit can also include two "sidecar" buckets; buckets are ideal for storing small hand tools; buckets can easily be removed from the ToolsAway in order to carry the small tools to and from the garden
• Made of sturdy high impact plastic.
• Installs virtually anywhere in just minutes.
• Securely mounts to walls, foundation footings, and studded walls with only 5 screws (included).
• It can also be mounted to doors with the optional door Kits

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
I have a second design for a tool holder under the patent. It is less expensive to manufacture. Also other products and ideas available.

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Invention #10044
Date posted: 2007-01-15

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