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I have invented a unique liquid fertilizer that is totally organic, named GREEN AMBROSIA. Without adding any kind of chemical or solvent, my product is eco-friendly, and non-poisonous. It gives amazing results in very short time, like ten to twelve days. I am ready to share my knowledge with you and also like to sell my invention idea. Because I can not afford the patent fees. I am ready to give full demonstration of my product anywhere and on any crop you suggest, even for the whole crop time i.e. right from sowing till reaping and I guarantee for the result in quality and quantity. Without damaging our environment.

Full Description:
I have learned something unique from nature for nature. Here I want to share it with you for our better future. The unique concept of Green Ambrosia is to make earth more fruitful and pure using only final products. Many manufacturer are making organic fertilizer from sea weed, fish, these may be useful in your farm as fertilizer but are damaging our ecological balance. But Green Ambrosia does not damage any ecological balance. We make Green Ambrosia from final product of nature. We are not finding benefits from damage.

Every one knows that good weather, enough water, specific fertilizers, suitable soil etc. are basic needs of farming. This is normal answer and it is true. But I take little scientific approach. Like every plant need moisture to grow better and fast. If you provide this facility to your plants you will get purely natural grown crops without any artificial hormones or inorganic fertilizer so it is called organic and pure. I think the whole world is looking for this type of supporting product in farming. So we can make our lands safe otherwise after some years this soil will not able to grow even weed. So this is the time to recondition our farms so we can give good environment and fruitful soil to our next generations. we did not use that nature will use that. we are not find benefit from damage.

Green Ambrosia has immediate positive effects on your crops. You are also less exposed to pesticides, which are in general very harmful to your health. Your final product will not contain any pesticides which is why consuming it, does not carry any extra health risks. Green Ambrosia can reduce the use of such toxic substances, because Green Ambrosia increases immunity power of plants. So that we keep ourselves and environment healthy.

There are some natural herbs processed and made in to a solution, which is water-soluble. You have to spray this solution on plants in proportion one liter water with three ml. solution. Mix it well and spray it on any plants. A thin micro layer deposits on stem and leaves. In this micro layer there are crystallized formations like hills of Himalayas. Every soft crystallized condition tries to be in crystalline form so they soak moisture from atmosphere, so plants get direct moist food without loosing any energy. The crystal is bacteria-free. Another natural herb expands pores of leaves and stem so when air passes through plants the moisture deposited on leaves in form of pure water and bacteria-free with immune power gets soaked instantly in the leaves and stems, so plants grow fast with healthy condition. Due to crystallized form of surface the photosynthesis process will act with multi reflection and more amount of light will be provided to your plant which is very important to the growth of your plants. Due to crystal like pointed hills the moister elasticity breaks and the water is spread on your plants so we get more surface area for soaking water. When fruit launch on plant and we spray this solution on plants, the growth of fruits will increase fast and big. This is the main benefit to the farmer, without applying any chemical fertilizer And gets many more benefits.

A special /unique spray Green Ambrosia is used as a fertilizer which is natural (made out of nature) and useful on almost every kind of greenery /crops & which can help the plant to withstand any kind of Weather changes, to some extent. To promote chemical free Environment and get chemical free food products.

Fertilizers from vegetables or animal origin are called organic fertilizers. An advantage of organic fertilizers over synthetic fertilizer is that they bring organic material into the soil, which leads to an improvement of the soil's structure. This is better for the environment due to less washing out of minerals and an improvement in water absorption. Healthy soil with immediately absorbable and bound minerals deserves a lot of attention in biological farming and closely connected to the better results. However, organic fertilizers may still contain animal substances something that the conscious biological grower prefers not to use. We are not using any animal substances in our Green Ambrosia.

Present use of chemical fertilizers are harmful to the soil, environment, human beings as well as the products but our product is absolute eco-friendly and harmless. It gives the best results both qualitative and quantitative. It holds flowers on plants during weather change and almost all of them bear fruits which in turn results in increased production. It increases the size of the fruit but the original taste of the fruit is intact. It is very cheap and affordable to the common man and big farmers.

Green Ambrosia is absolutely natural and harmless. It does not affect the health and hygiene of the user. Get more while you spend less. The original taste of the product / fruits remains intact as there is no chemical used in Green Ambrosia.

There are various natural fertilizers available in the world but in almost all of them chemicals, seaweed, or fish are used which are the part of the life cycle and food cycle which are destroyed in the manufacturing. But Green Ambrosia is made by using natural things and through which the life cycle and food cycle is not harmed at all. It is made out of nature, used in nature and ends in nature without affecting the environment. No excretion matter is used in our product .

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Date posted: 2007-02-22

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