OutLaw Mirrors

The outLaw mirror system installs in mins. no drilling or assembly required . Allows Jeep owners to Remove the vehical doors. out sells all other mirrors combined, 1 man at home part time grossed 95k,got half that in orders in jan. of this year. build over seas at 1/2 the cost if you want or if you are a manufacturer, this is what you need, I just want to cash out go SURFIN'.... growing fast to much work I need a break. help me....

Full Description:
Best selling mirrors on the market. Magazine articles, 3 of the biggest internet & catalogs for after market truck parts sell and order
regulerly. I can't take on any new, Can't make them fast enough as it is. I'm not a business man, I'm an inventer. I have a book of Patentable new projects I'd like to see become a reaility, thats what I do.Make no mistake this is the proven # 1 selling product of it's kind in the country. Need to know more contact me.

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All my customers included, all my suppliers included

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Invention #10140
Date posted: 2007-05-03

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