Trolling Motor Stabilizer

Light weight, non corrosive trolling motor stabilizer.

Full Description:
Stabilizer is a rigid plastic device that eliminates excessive bounce and vibration on trolling motors. This device is used when trolling motor is in stowed position - either when boat is in motion on waterway, or when boat is being trailered. Stabilizer is completely mobile with no hardware attachments. No need to drill holes or attach hardware that will degrade the boat. New trolling motors today have long shafts which are not supported when in stowed position. Excessive vibration can bend the shaft and damage the head of the trolling motor. Can be adjusted for individual height requirements.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Excessive vibration of trolling motor when in stowed position while boat is in motion or being trailered.

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Invention #10303
Date posted: 2007-08-28

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