the fire grenaid

it is a device which is thrown into a burning structure that puts out the fire inside enough to safely enter and finish the mopup....

Full Description:
it is shaped like a floating mine with a throwing handle,it is molded plastic with protruding arms which snap off on impact inside the fire scene releasing compressed fire retardent co2 or halon what ever the situation calls for it has a chargeing nozzel molded in and can be produced in different sizes for use in larger or smaller fire ops.I have two different devices in mind ,,one the spines snap off inside the other is of solid construction spines break off on impact,,,both are of one use design.....

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
fire safety for personell

Non-Disclosure Agreement:
I promise not to use this idea with out joe lewellyns concent

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Invention #10362
Date posted: 2007-11-03

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