HITC (Human Information & Tracking Chip)

Chip which contain all the data of a human in his whole lifetime.

Full Description:
It is a Chip which contains all the data of the person. The person's his permanent address, family details, health record, bank accounts, travel details, hotel check-ins, cars/transport details, and last but not the least the real time tracking of his movements through satellite.
This will help in reducing the various credit cards, health cards, drivers licenses and bank cards we carry.
Data in the card will help in security checks at Banks , airports, etc .
Real time Tracking feature will help in security and keeping a track on the movement of the person.
Chip will be very small in size, so that it can be implanted under the persons skin in the thumb and will be powered by the solar energy and the data access will be through a special reading device with passpord known to the person.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Personal identification, Personal tracking

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Invention #10491
Date posted: 2007-12-13

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