Mastercard Commercial

TV commercial for Mastercard based on it "Priceless" series of commercials.

Full Description:
You have a young woman between 25-35 years old walking through a grocery store. All you see is her shoulders up while she is walking. You also see her hand put the grocery items into the cart. Here is the sequence of events: 1. She stops and picks up a jar of pickles and adds it to her cart, (a voice says "Pickles, $4.00). 2. The woman continues shopping and stops in the ice cream isle and selects a container of ice cream (voice says "Triple Fudge Brownie Ice cream, $6.50). 3. The woman continues her shopping spree and selects a bag of BBQ flavored chips (voice says, BBQ flavored potato chips, $2.75). The last shot is of the camera zooming out and showing the woman with a pregnant belly (voice says, eating for two, priceless)(There are some things money can't buy, for everything else, there is Mastercard).

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Building greater brand recognition.

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Invention #10572
Date posted: 2008-01-25

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