The Ultimate Blade

my blade outperforms any brush cutting blade for weedeaters currently on the also cuts grass just as good as a line trimmer does.the bonus is it never needs sharpening

Full Description:
a couple years ago i bought a brush cutting blade for my weedeater and i was disapointed at how slow it performed on my blackberry and scottish broom,it dulled fast and it took forever for me to sharpen it,so i thought there's got to be a better way and i designed a blade that cuts 10 times faster and works just as good as a line trimmer on grass and never needs sharpening.I have been using my new blade ever since and tossed out the line trimmer attachment as well as the old brush cutting blade,mine does it all.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
brush cutting weedeater blade that never needs sharpening

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
i have a prototype ready to go,i have a long list of ideas i need help getting patented.i have designed a unit that delivers free hot water for the house hold,i designed a unit that retrofits almost any toilet and produces a stink free bathroom,a ladder attachment that makes working on your gutters a cinch,a unit that saves boats or ships and eliminates total loss payouts for insurance companys on boats lost at sea.the list goes on,i had prototypes for most of them but lost them when my house burned down,i can build more with a little help,anybody willing to help push my ideas will be well payed in the long run.

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Invention #10581
Date posted: 2008-01-27

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