Three Dimensional Measurements from Digital Photographs

Multiple pictures are taken of a scene or object(s) from different angles and distances, each containing a fixed 'target' of innovative design. These pictures are then fed into a piece of software which will determine the relative positions of vertices in the pictures in three dimensions using trigonometry.

Full Description:
The ‘Target’ is of my own innovative design and will be scaled to suit specific situations. As many pictures of the scene (room, landscape, building etc)as possible will be taken from different angles and distances, always keeping the ‘Target’ in view. These pictures will then be fed into software which will request the user to select specific points on the ‘Target’ and the vertices of interest in the scene in each picture. The software will then be able to determine within calculated tolerances, the relative positions of the chosen vertices in three dimensions.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
The simple accurate measurement of three dimensional physical objects and spaces from two dimensional photographs.

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Invention #10605
Date posted: 2008-02-08

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