HexaGarden is a versatile, quasi invisible support system. It is used to keep even the most difficult plant clusters smartly in place and/or mounted against a wall as a decorative aid for climbing plants. www.jumadesign.com

Full Description:
HexaGarden is a single element, multiples of which are easily and quickly assembled to the required shape and size.

A lattice assembly, made to measure, is placed on the shoots of a plant cluster.
The plants will grow through it unimpeded. As the plants grow the lattice is lifted, resting lightly on the new branches. Stems that sprout outside of the lattice can be contained by adding extra elements.
Soon the HexaGarden assembly is not seen through the foliage and the plant cluster is kept smartly in place.
It is also possible to link two or more levels of lattice assemblies together and even form cylindrical constructions.
When on the shop shelves or in storage HexaGarden takes up minimal space.
Hexagarden boasts low manufacturing costs and has the potential to be used in all gardens worldwide. www.jumadesign.com

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Plant and especially cut flowers that are unable to keep themselves upright or tend to fall over in wind and rainy conditions

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
Awarded silver medal at The International Inventors Trade Fair in Geneva 2008.
Executive summary available.

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Invention #10621
Date posted: 2008-02-13

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