Thumb Print Weighing Scale

Electronic scale up to 50Kgs, connected to a thumb print pad to identify the seller of cash crops

Full Description:
Idea is ideal for all companies that buy cash crops from small scale farmers in Africa. Connected to the scale is a thumb print pad when pressed will record the farmer name, registration no and weight on scale for his cash crop. A small hand held electronic device should be able to read the information and print a type of cash slip given to the farmer to collect his money from the cashier. A chip should be inserted into the device which can be removed and downloaded onto a computer. The scale to be steady as will be taken on rough roads. If this idea can be manufactured it will eliminate farmers being short paid and will stop theft of funds. There are millions of outgrowers selling their cash crops in Africa therefore I am confident a lot of companies that buy tobacco, maize etc will be interested in an invention like this. It will also work as an identification tool to alo eliminate ghost sellers, whereby output of cash does not balance with weight of crop

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Date posted: 2008-02-23

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