De-silting Mechanism (For Run-Off River HEPPs)

It is a hydro-mechanical silt filtering mechanism.

Full Description:
Though Hydro Electric Power Plants are the renewable sources of clean and green electric power, the presence of excessive silt and trash in river waters (in our part of the world) is jeopardizing the operation of these power plants,particularly the Run-off River and Canal projects. Mighty Power Plants have to be brought under forced closure because of silt and trash when power is needed the most during summers(rainy seasons) because of operational hazards subjecting under water parts to severe damage. Desilting Chambers, even though extremely costly,have not proved to be totally effective. Silt Ejectors,though troublesome ,have also not helped the projects where installed.

Under the circumstances, it is desirable that a new technique to tame the twin evils of silt and trash be tried .

Accordingly a simple and inexpensive scheme, which can also be put in place very easily to filter silt and remove trash, has been devised.

Principle of operation of the scheme :

Like the water wheel, wherein the water energy is expended in the rotation of the turbine, kinetic energy of water in this scheme is dissipated by a battery of tubes. The slow down of water velocity so achieved coupled with the centripetal force generated therein, is sufficient to separate (settle down) heavier silt particles from water and the silt so separated is drained out simultaneously without any holding thus eliminating the need of a storage tank etc.

Theoretically the scheme ensures a simple, inexpensive and a perfect arrangement for separating silt from the river water for the trouble-free operation and safety of the water wheel and under water parts of the power plant.

For all practical purposes, a single battery of tubes placed at a suitable location in the course of river from where separated silt can be drained is sufficient. However, for achieving more and more refinement of water, a number of such batteries can be planted.

The scheme, which has now been designed with all workable details and offered for model studies for the purpose, employs a single battery of tubes, which appears to be sufficient for the purpose. The scheme is so simple that it can be assembled and tested for model studies within a short span of a month at a very nominal cost (say rupees one or two lacs only) at any of the existing facilities of a H E P P.

A trash clearing arrangement has to be an inbuilt feature in any silt clearing scheme and such a simple arrangement for removal of trash has also incorporated in the scheme.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
It will save Run off River HEPPs from scourge of silt without costly desilting chambers.

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Date posted: 2008-02-25

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