Talking GPS with variable voices, accents, speaking styles and, most importantly, with humorous and sarcastic ways to get travelers where they are going.

Full Description:
The concept is a talking GPS with an edge. User would be able to customize the way the GPS corrsponded. Could choose sex, nationality, region, accent, etc. Perhaps even singing directions could be specified (opera, rap, rock, etc.). The combination of the choices would dictate the manner in which the GPS would give directions. An African-American man from New Your City would give directions in a different manner than a Latino man from LA, and so on.

Things to consider:
- Making scathing or biting remarks when directions are not followed, bitterness in the recalculation
- Pleas of expediency when directions must be followed in a very short distance
- Forecasts of boredom when the path will remain the same for an extended distance
- Sarcastic or humorous statements about well-known locations, businesses, landmarks, roads

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Boredom and monotony of travel

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Invention #10683
Date posted: 2008-03-19

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