Portable Mobile Phone Hardware Fault Detection

A mobile phone fault detector is a portable device that will be used to detect all hardware faults in a mobile phone.

Full Description:
This detector will be a rectangular shaped box in which a mobile phone will rotate and be scan for faults. This detector will detect both the external and internal parts of a phone. It will mainly detect faults like cracks, loose wires and improper hardware. Mobile phones are highly becoming dangerous so with the help of this device, mobile users will be able to scan their mobile phones to detect faults that may be dangerous.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
I always find myself having problems with my mobile phones and find myself being paying a lot for smaller problems.

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
Few questionaire to see whether people (mobile phone users) would be interested in owning such a device.

Asking price: [CONTACT SELLER]
Available for consultation? Yes

Invention #10687
Date posted: 2008-03-22

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