Multi-Media Cane

I propose that a multi-media assortment of microelectronics be available to the disabled by manufacturing the canes with the components inside of the cane

Full Description:
A modern cane is HOLLOW. A cane makes the perfect case for micro-electronics. A cane is durable, transportable and at hand.
The disabled often do not have a free hand or base of support in which to manipulate today's popular devices. Putting a "care package" of today's most popular features into the shaft of a cane will provide easy transport or use and will provide less effort to manipulate. Memory in the owner's cane may well even contain medical information, personal statistics and medical provider or insurance information. Everyone deserves to be a part of modern society or to have access to entertainment.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
The disabled having to relie upon the support of a cane only have one free hand. How may they use or carry all of today's most popular accessories?

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Invention #10689
Date posted: 2008-03-26

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