Piezoelectric Vibration/Acoustic Sensor

This technology delivers a new and better way of structure born noise detection. Inexpensive and simple to manufacture, this piezoelectric sensor has no mechanical parts and detects a wide frequency spectrum (1 Hz to minimum 150 kHz) in 3 dimensions. The sensitivity can be set anywhere within this range. Importantly, the systems measured can be stationary, non stationary or living.

Full Description:
While the IP protects the production of the simplest low priced sensors, it also covers materially more complex sensors with integrated "intelligence".

Key Features
* To raise an alarm a deviation of the frequency spectrum (1Hz to 150 kHz) from the reference spectrum must exceed a certain percentage and persist for a certain amount of time.
* The sensor has no movable parts, and the pre-amplifier electronics are encapsulated in a closed unit measuring 90mmX17mmmX1mm.
* The sensor has a 5-pin connector with a cable to be connected to a separate unit for spectrum analysis.
* The ability for self-learning of signal conditioning can be incorporated into the sensor electronics.
* A very small voltage of 5V DC is required.
* A programmable amplifier (128 steps) is integrated into the very thin foil sensor (thickness 1mm).
* Processing boxes can be connected for up to 128 measuring points.
* Satellite monitoring can be developed to allow the monitoring of remote locations.
* The sensors are suitable for use in hazardous areas.

The technology has proven its efficiency in monitoring pumps in different kinds of industries, such as the chemical, water, paper or pharmaceutical industries, fans in different kinds of industries, including wind energy, compressors for natural gas stations and propellers for container vessels.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
In almost every industry, the condition or health of different manufacturing or industrial processes or systems can be determined by measuring vibration and / or its associated acoustic signature. Up to now, structure borne noise was measured indirectly by measurement of acceleration or laser.

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Date posted: 2008-03-26

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