Absolute Zero Theory

zero is equal to infinity

Full Description:
zero should only be considered as a concept similar and equal to infinity. the number should only be used as a digit for place keeping purposes. the formula is forced mathematical proof that the infinitely large is connected to the infinitely small and that all time, space and matter are connected. this solves the riddle of and redefines gravity as the "reaction of matter relative to mass". according to this theory there is no such thing as nothing or complete stillness. the entire universe is connected and vibrating at different frequencies. energy does not dissipate, but continues to exist by merely changing form or vibrating at a different frequencies. mass and matter can be manipulated by modulating the frequencies of a molecular composition. space could be bent by use of the same technique, allowing travel of vast distances in small amounts of time. energy could be harnessed and transmitted remotely. frequency modulation could be used to treat cancer and other diseases by altering their frequency modulations.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
einstein's unified field theory

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Invention #10725
Date posted: 2008-04-09

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