Stress Free Shop Franchise

Frequent travelers exposed to constant searches are tired of checkpoints, having to take off belts, shoes, glasses, etc. products from this store chain will not set off checkpoint alarms, either at airports, embassies, etc.

Full Description:
A store or website idea, will sell an entire and as complete as possible, line of products that do not set off check point alarms, (ie: without metal), this could include for example: belts, shoes, eye wear, cellphones, PDA's, bras, cigarette holders, key chains, keys in other materials, etc. Personally one of the most disagreeable situations I'm exposed to while travelling internationally, specially via USA, is the request to take off shoes and waddling over an area where thousands of fungus infested passengers have left their spores, plus the extra overhead of taking off belts, etc. To be able to buy products that eliminate this extra overhead would be a plus. Special orders / custom made products might be required. Carbon fiber would be the main replacement material.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Products from these stores or website will not set off airport (or similar) checkpoint alarms.

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Invention #10753
Date posted: 2008-04-30

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