Programmable car wheel hub covers

Programmable hub covers offer the owner options like static, rotating and custom movement for their car hub covers. Building on the passive rotating car hub covers, these hubs would offer full control over them.

Full Description:
Considering the passive rotating hub covers available, there are two options for new and more satisfying hub covers:

1- a passive static (non rotating) wheel hub cover, a small weight and a low friction axis, maintains the hub static as the wheel rotates.

2- an electronically controlled hub would offer full control over the actions the hub cover exhibits, you could have them rotate in either direction (Clockwise or CCW), in paterns, they could include LED emitters and maybe even static messages on them, colors, etc., the options are unlimited.

(Just in case, I loath rotating hub covers, but there is a market for something even more ugly than that ;-))

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Car owners can "pimp" their ride up with programmable wheel hub covers.

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Invention #10755
Date posted: 2008-04-30

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