Multi Storied Car Park

Automobiles parking method with multi storied building and an inclined hoist way. In this automated car parking system, the elevator is driven along rails, carrying the automobile in the inclined hoist way by means of over head traction to desired parking floor.

Full Description:
his elevated car parking system is
less complicated,
lesser maintenance and operational cost,
Lesser construction cost .
A potential investment opportunity generating steady return !!!
The well known funicular with proven technology for decades now installed inside a multistoried building is known as Inclined conveyance for automobile parking".
This elevated parking system having a hoist way , comprise of rails held on two structural beams at same inclination, connected with the building structure. Therefore the elevator travels along the rail track extending though multiple of parking floors between top most and the lowest parking floor including the loading station.
The elevator is driven on wheels along rails, so that, the weight of the elevator and load will be distributed on rails, while the elevator is driven due to traction imparted by the cables secured to the top of the elevator. The cables passes over the traction pulley in the upper station and carries the counter weight hanged on another pulley and returns the cable end to a stationary grip at a higher level. The counterweight is located in a vertical hoist-way and rides a separate rail system. So that, the counter weight travels in opposite direction at half the of speed elevator, which is travelling along the inclined track. As the platform goes up, the counterweight goes down, and vice versa.
The elevator platform is maintained in horizontal position, for the automobiles to drive in and out the elevator by the driver, when it reaches the designated floor. A close tolerance is maintained between the elevator platform sill and the sill of open space of the floor in hoist way at any floor, serving as a drivable access to parking spaces on the required floor.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Offer economical reliable car parking system

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Date posted: 2008-05-20

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