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Producing a line of clothing for the ever growing hemodialysis poulation. Making shirts and pants with panels that can be unzipped, unsnapped, etc. to expose patient's access for initiation of dialysis without patient having to remove clothing and exposing themselves or having sleeves restricting blood flow when pushed up to expose arm, etc.

Full Description:
I would like to produce a line of clothing that would benefit patients on hemodialysis. This is an ever growing population in the medical field. These patients have internal accesses placed in their arms and legs that are accessed with needles for each treatment which is usually three times a week. Sometimes their sleeves are tight and the shirts may need to be removed, which exposes them or they may be cold when clothing has to be removed. Theses patients are treated in an open room with many other patients and privacy is compromised. Patients with accesses in their thighs may have to remove their pants so that their vascular access may be made available. Some patients also have catheters in their neck and chest area. Having a shirt with some sort of panel that can be opened to expose the catheter will make it easier for health care providers to access the catheter for dialysis and dressing changes.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Clothing designs that will make for easier access to vascular accesses for patients on dialysi'

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Date posted: 2008-05-29

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