Simple Juice

The Juice Idea is not new. It is just not marketed. It has been made in millions of family households, by many moms and dads, but no one has ever bottled it. The Product is Simply a Juice Blend. 25% (100%) all natural juice and 75% Purified or Distilled water. That is it, Simply

Full Description:
The product is still in idea mode, but is extremely easy to make and market. The idea came from desperation, like most. Something that is severely missing in the market. A juice and water already pre mixed in one bottle with the exact ratio that moms and families are looking for. No more two bottle travel. The product can be manufactured in small 12 once bottles and large gallon bottles. The price would be slightly less than straight juice so families would see the value overall.
The main reason I believe this is so needed is we need to drastically decrease the amount of sugar in our kids diets, but not substitute it with artificial sweeteners. Our society is working very hard on "getting healthy". This falls right in line with the trend.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Decreasing Sugar Intake in Children and Adults. Creating awareness for healthier and cleaning "Drinks".

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Invention #10815
Date posted: 2008-06-04

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