Beef-up Security System For Commercial Flights' Cocpit ( BSS ).

This idead is to help manufacturers of Commercial Planes to add more to the safty systems already in place.
In view of terror attacks,this idea when put in place can also help a lot.

Full Description:
The "Beef-up Security System For Commercial Flights' Cocpit (BSS)" is an idea of the satiness of any plane on commercial bases.Since
September 11th 2001,a lot had been done already;but,my IDEA can also help the more.
The COCPIT systems should be build up with Hi-Tec L.C.D. T.V. Monitors with auto scanning effects ( to be able to know all what is going on in the plane).As explained in the DIAGRAM given, there should be a MAXIMUM SECURITY PASSAGE ZONE from the contact of the people to the PILOTS as well.This zone should have MAGNETIZATION systems with the effect of a TRANQUILLIZER to put any person into the state of comma when operated.
This system should be able to detect the movement any thing with BLOOD in it (life), metals, etc; for a speed reaction when operated by the PILOTS alone in the cocpit.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
The safty of passangers,flight attendants and the PILOTS.

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Date posted: 2008-06-19

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