Gripster, Inc.

This throttle utilizes a twist of the wrist action for smoother control and more precision in operation. It also allows for other controls to be located on the throttle for more convenient access.

Full Description:
A torsional throttle control system is provided that may include any number of features. One feature of the throttle control system is a twist -- style grip that has an axis with an angle adjustable to a housing. Another feature comprises trim and/or outboard motor control(s) are top the grip. Yet another feature comprises the internal mechanism adapted to effect the throttle control. Methods associated with use of the throttle control hardware and systems including a boat are also covered.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Marine and boat throttles currently use a lever action, which can result in choppy or less precise throttle control. Other controls are in located on the dashboard of the boat. This new throttle utilizes a twist of the wrist action.

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Invention #10920
Date posted: 2008-07-26

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