Frame to paper

“Frame to paper” – this is an implement, which improve process of preparation and imposing slips of wallpaper on the wall.

Full Description:
Employment of “Frame to paper” facilitates work on period of preparation of wallpaper (cutting and laying a glue), and process of imposing. “Frame to paper” goes in this way: the wallpaper is unwind from roll placed in bottom part of the frame and fix on the upper ledge of the frame by means of clips. The frame is executed from aluminum profiles. Height of the frame can be regulating. The frame consist from two parts. The upper part have smaller section and is slid to bottom part. After stipulate height of the frame, it is blocked by means of two screws, which are place in openings in the lateral surface of the frame. For simplification of displace “Frame to paper” along the wall, in the bottom part of the frame are wheels. Casings of the wheels are connected by means of the pipe. The frame is fasten rotary on the pipe. Roll of wallpaper is placed also on the pipe, which consists from two parts, which are connected by means of the adapter. There is indispensable for establish a roll of wallpaper. Process of imposing a wallpaper is starting from setting up of frame in vertical position and protrude the upper part, in order the upper ledge touches the ceiling. After setting up on demanded height the frame is blocked by means of two screws, which are placed in openings in lateral surface of frame. Frame is turned for horizontal position next. Wallpaper is unwind from the roll placed in the pipe to the upper ledge of the frame. The wallpaper is fixed on the upper ledge of the frame by means of clips. The next step is apply a batten and cut the wallpaper from roll by means of the knife. Putting the glue proceeds on wallpaper by means of the trough on wheels. The trough is placed on tracks along internal part of the frame. For simplification of setting up and removal the trough, in its upper part is the handle. In the bottom of the trough, on all length of the trough is a slot, the glue drips on a sponge placed under the bottom. It helps in even distributing the glue on the wallpaper. It is removed by highly mentioned handle along the frame holding the trough. The upper part of the trough is partially exposed. This enable infusion of a glue into the reservoir. Slot, by which glue drips on a sponge is in the front of the bottom of the trough. After spreading put away the trough on the back partition. In such site glue do not emerge from the trough. Last period is setting up of frame with wallpaper at wall in vertical position and preliminary imposing the wallpaper into the wall. Next clips are taken off. Frame is removed to next site and is placed in horizontal position. The wallpaper is manually impose on readily.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
"Frame to paper" facilitates work of papering

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Invention #10989
Date posted: 2008-08-27

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