Quickmobilefood have four wheel and tow bracket at the front side.There are store,kitchen and serving compartment.it equipped with platform with step and canopy.There are windows and exhaust fan fitted on the wall.

Full Description:
Quickmobilefood is built exclusively on wheel base chassis with front and rear wheel.it approximately to 17ft long,6.5ft wide and 10ft tall.
The body structure is in rectangular in shape with hip roof,at the middle center space of the roof there is water tank which provide water into the sink in the kitchen.The external door provide access into the kitchen while internal door link to serving compartment.There are windows on both side and rear window with exhaust fan which makes a well ventilation .
The kitchen compartment contains cabinet,oven,cooker,mini freezer ,micro wave,sink and kitchen implement.The serving compartment contain table fitted on the front side wall, below it there is a space.There is also a fridge and food warmer and also the wiring structure is suitable to carry the electrical current and other electrical accessories The appliances are power through the ac generator ,solar power or public electricity.
The structure of quickmobilefood is made of metal rod to form the frame and cover with aluminum sheet by riveting and the windows are fitted on window frame likewise doors are fitted on door frame.
quickmobilefood can be move from one place to another by attaching it to another vehicle through the tow bracket at the front side of the chassis.

The patent for the invention of quickmobilefood was grant in Nigeria .The date of patent is 19/7/ 2005 and sealing on 19/8/ 2005

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
d range model regular cab 2 wheel drive,Dodge grand caravan for mobile kitchen.Quickmobile food solve the problem of using expensive vehicle in providing mobile kitchen .The problem of space in the previous invention had been solve by providing ample space in the kitchen and serving compartment.There is a platform with step and canopy which enable customer to stand and been protected by the canopy.All the appliances used in the kitchen does not need to be modify or configure before it can be use in quickmobilefood.
The issue of heat generated in the kitchen compartment had been addressed by equipped this invention with three separated windows and fitting of exhaust fan on the internal wall of the quickmobilefood which provide well ventilation in the kitchen.The lack of sufficient water in other invention had been solved by equipped water tank at the middle center of the roof of quickmobilefood which provide water into the sink in the kitchen through the outlet pipe connected to the sink tap.The inlet pipe at the back of the quickmobilefood enable water to be supply into the tank.
Quickmobilefood have all the necessaries appliances which makes cooking and preparation of varieties of food such as pizza,hamburger,meat pie,chicken pie and some other food possible.
This vehicle can be tow from one place to another without any problem.it very economical to construct,use,maintain and using of this invention is an economical and commercially viable pizza preparation and delivery vehicle.it will also generate huge revenue and minimum operating cost which are more better than using expensive vehicle utilizes in other invention such as Ford E 350 truck,Ford

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The invention of quickmobilefood patent no RP16188 is $1,000,000

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Date posted: 2008-10-14

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