Microwaveable Hamburger Grill

A four cup plastic design with microwaveable metal to place grill marks and crispness on a hamburger patty both top and bottom.

Full Description:
A four cup plastic design with microwaveable metal strips arranged in an ideal grill pattern, with grease traps located below each cup for easy cleanup. In center of four cups would be a handle for easy moving and protection from burn. There is a top that fits evenly on each cup that also has the microwaveable metal strips to make grill marks on top of the burger. This would allow a family to make four burgers within the comfort of there own home anytime of year. No mess and more health with natural grease reduction to the grease trap. Reduce energy use by not having to purchase charcoal or natural gas. Easy cleanup compared to cleaning a grill and machine washable.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
The mess of cleaning a Grill, buying bulky countertop grills, and saving lots of money on egery cost.

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Invention #11158
Date posted: 2008-12-02

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