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Apparatus to pour gels

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I propose to develop a portable, automatic gel caster for laboratory application.Polyacrymalide gels are indispensable in any biological research laboratory. Visualization of proteins using SDS/NATIVE gel is a universally applied technique for qualitative and quantitative analysis.Gel casting has remained predominantly manual since its inception. It typically takes an hour and requires careful handling of the neurotoxic components (acrylmide,TEMED ).In addition attention has to be paid to ensure no leakage prior to gel polymerization .Introduction of commercially available precast gels offered a remedy to this. However the precast gels have had a limited success owing to their high cost (~10$ a gel). Given this scenario,I believe that introduction of an automatic, lab scale gel maker would be a great research product.

The features involved would enable the user to key in the gel requirements(%,size etc) and the gel maker would cast it by itself .The gel would be made in a controlled environment(ambient polymerization temperature) and hence would dramatically cut down the casting time . Also the gel caster can be designed to cast gradient gels. This system would be made versatile by incorporating a pump in order to cast gradient gels.
I hope that this idea would appeal to you and is in the scope of your research product interests.

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polyacrymalide gel electrophoresis -making it hands free

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Date posted: 2009-03-19

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