fluid flow

it is an implant in the regular oil container up to 20l or regular bottle like regular wine bottle of 1l.it prevents irregular spilling outs during poring the oil or wine .

Full Description:
lets say a waiter has to pore a wine in a glass .the fluid from the bottle flows out in irregular way ,so it is very easy to spill the wine over the table.because one second it is small amount of wine and next second it is large amount of wine.
in this case it is a wine ,but if it is a petrol or something toxic ,then every spill over might be very dangerous .
my invention gives controlled fluid flow and therefore it is easy to pore the fluid in the place we want.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
it solves the flowing out of bottles,tetra pack juices,oil tubes,gas containers,
toxic containers

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
mass production product,
i have a prototypa and it is working perfectly

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Available for consultation? Yes

Invention #11475
Date posted: 2009-05-18

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