i-Book would revalorized the way readers looks at books. Taking the old world of books; with out changing its outward appearance but packaging it with modern technologies. That has many advantages for the advent book hawk or reader. Starting an i-Book library that would last for ever.

Full Description:
Create an i-Book: Books that looks just like any ordinary book with the usual covers and design but instead of paper pages a small computer type screen displaying left and right screens (pages 1 and 2, etc) it should open like a regular book but with digital words that appear on both sides of the page, like an ordinary book. The size of these books would vary just like with ordinary books. The i-Book would allow for the following features
a) A spot on the screen that flips to the next page.
b) A touch screen section available for book marking ones last page or paragraph.
c) A USB slot for USB voice recording copies of the book for play back for those who may not be able to see or would rather hear the book read to them.
d) USB slot can either allow for a connection to a PC or inserted USB disk that has the details of the book in audio form.
e) USB audio recording of the book should be sold separately to play only with it’s matching book.
f)Ear phone connection for the reader or listener to hear the information.
g) The books should be the same sizes of your regular books with its front and back cover giving details about the author and it’s contents.
h)Battery powered with built-in batteries and electrical connection.
It is my view that if created correctly these books can replace paper books and be stored in libraries around the world like any ordinary book.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
It allows for the modernization of books to that of the 21st century. It stops the paper erosions of books. It creates an avenue in which books can be enjoyed either by reading or listening. It connects one of the world’s oldest tools of learning (books) with the most modern technology (the computer).

BS 2,423,244,806
BS 2,424,325,706
BS 2,422,254,089

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Date posted: 2009-05-24

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