Bio-Mass Gasifier System and Engine

- A standby arrangement for continuous power supply in case of shortage of power supply
- Better method to dispose off agriculture waste in a productive way
- A small modification renders better and advanced results
- A second hand DG sets are re-employed after certain alteration or modifications
- The maintenance cost is low
- The system is available/ tailor made in different capacities and sizes to match specific requirements.

Full Description:
This is a system for efficient conversion of bio-mass waste/ residue into useful inflammable gas i.e. the producer gas. The bio-waste may include agricultural residues, wood chips, straws etc. which in turn can be used to run an engine, stoves and furnace etc.. A bio-mass waste/residue is fed into a Gasifier and ignited at definite range of temperature to get bio-waste convert into gas which is fed to a modified engine. This engine can be a diesel or petrol one.

The system is especially useful in the rural areas where such wastes are in plenty, while electricity is in scarce. It consumes about 20Kgs of dry bio-waste to run an engine of about 30HP for an hour.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
- To operate pump sets in remote fields and homes for lifting of water
- To operate saw machines, flour mills etc.
- Can be used as an alternate source of power supply

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
Agriculturist, Farmers, Industrialist, Business Person, Forestry Dept., etc.

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Date posted: 2009-06-12

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