The Clamp is composed of two abutments plugged into the desk-plate or into an aditional basic plate and a clamp, shaped as the archimedean spiral which is mounted opposite these abutments. By turning the clamp, work-piece is tighted sideways to the abutments. The greater force produce the tool in the work-direction, the greater is the force that tighten the workpiece.

Full Description:
The carpenter clamp is a simple but very useful aid when fixing small and middle sized work-pieces while manually or with use of electrical tools are , treat, and it can be used on any workplate that can be drilled by a few smaller (6 - 8 mm) holes, including various versions of folding tables. For small and middle sized work-pieces, it substitute the carpentry bench which is far more expensive.

With the additional base plate, the tighten can also be used on a table which dare not be damaged. That allows to temporarily turn a kitchen table or a similar surface into a working table for amateur carpentry, or construction of airplane and ship models, eg. and leaves the surface intact once the work is done.

When not in use, this accessory takes only the minimum amount of space.

The offener also proposes workshop drawings for the choosed version of invention (wood, plastic, size)

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
The invention resolves the problem of fixing small or middle-sized wooden work-pieces while they are processed in the carpenter or a hobby - workshop or while making airplane and ship models and similar, possibly on the usual table, in the simplest and cheapest possible way.

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Patent: HR 20,040,628

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Invention #11551
Date posted: 2009-08-15

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