Supercharger Kit for small diesel engines with the displacement of 200cc to 1,200cc

Supercharger Kit improves a very common small diesel engines like 170F(E), 178F(E), 186F(E), R175, R180, R185, R190, S195, S1100, ZH195, ZH1100, ZH1105, ZH1115 with the engine displacement from 200cc up to 1200cc or the similar ones. The Supercharger (air compressor) as a main unit of the Supercharger Kit supplies the naturally aspirated engine with as much as additional 40% to 75% fresh air. Diesel engine power and torque increase accordingly.

Full Description:
By supplying compressed fresh air, the proposed Supercharger dramatically improves performance of the diesel engine with displacement within 200cc to 1,200cc used for vehicles like small tractor and power barrow, as well as electrical generator set.

The Supercharger is a positive displacement pump. This "true compressor" has a simple design, acceptable reliability and lighter weight. Easily manufactured, mass production of the device creates an inexpensive air pump, which offers power boosting and torque increase of up to 75%. Vehicles and electrical generator sets powered by diesel engines of lower displacement enjoy the greatest benefits from the Supercharger running at 500rpm through 6,000rpm.

Significant features of the technology:
1. Engines equipped with this Supercharger have higher (40% to 75%) torque, specifically at lower RPM
2. Manufacturing cost is 5 to 10 times lower than similar products available on the market
3. The Supercharger is easily adapted to a broad range of power train designs, and requires simple installation in order to provide the best fresh air supply.

To ensure workability of the proposed Supercharger technology the prototype with the following specifications was built and tested:
o Overall dimensions 185x160x110mm make the Supercharger as compact as possible under the set output parameters
o Weight is 3.4kg
o Capacity per revolution is 190cc
o Maximum sustained speed is 6,000rpm
o Compression ratio is 1.35
o At 6,000rpm normal outputs are 1.05m3/min, 1.01m3/min, 0.92m3/min, and 0.75m3/min with boost pressures of 0.0bar, 0.2bar, 0.4bar, and 0.6bar correspondingly – see the attached diagram in file “190cc_Diagram.jpg”

Two pictures of the proposed Supercharger are in files “190cc_01.jpg” and “190cc_02.jpg”

One of the recently developed designs of Supercharger Installation Kit is suitable for TMZ520 – a very common small diesel engine with the following main specifications: single cylinder, Bore/Stroke – 85mm/92mm, engine displacement: – 520cc, power – 9.5kW@3,600rpm.

Files “300cc_pic_01.jpg”, “300cc_pic_02.jpg” contain sketches of the Supercharger suitable for the additional fresh air supply to TMZ520D diesel engine. The supercharger productivity is up to 300cc per revolution, and its rated frequency is 6,000rpm.

The Supercharger Kit installed on TMZ520D engine increases its power from 9.5kW to 13.3kW. The kit consists of the supercharger (as a main unit), receiver, bracket and its cover, two pulleys (gear ratio of engine and supercharger shafts is 1,3-1,8), driving belt, tightening pulley, and other basic parts like ball bearings, bolts, nuts, etc.

In addition, this design dramatically improves the combustion process of the given diesel engine, reduces amount of harmful emission (especially CO and particulate pollutants), and decreases specific fuel consumption by 5% to 7%. This takes place due to a small amount of Diesel fuel supplied into inlet manifold preceding the supercharger. The air temperature at the supercharger outlet is about 100oC, so Diesel fuel evaporates inside the supercharger and as a result, the cylinder gets air-fuel homogeneous mixture. Therefore, the fuel injected into a combustion chamber actually gets into air-fuel homogeneous medium and the entire volume of air is involved in the combustion process. This capitalization of the so-called “soft” HCCI – Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition has a favorable impact on diesel engine operation in general and particularly in this realization.

Files “TMZ520_rec_01.jpg” and “TMZ520_rec_02.jpg” present two 3D simulation sketches of the supercharger installation kit developed exclusively for TMZ520D diesel engine.

Project Status:
The Supercharger prototype was built and tested, so the productivity chart is in file “190cc_Diagram.jpg”.

The technology package includes:
1. Patent applications (both PPA and FPA) ready for submission
2. System to compute main characteristics of a targeted engine after its modification
3. Solid Works models of the Supercharger and the entire Kit
4. Full set of AutoCAD blueprints of both the Supercharger and the Supercharger Kit
5. The physical prototype of the Supercharger with proven workability

As a Research and Development company, we are looking for the Joint Venture opportunities to advance this highly developed project up to the production point.

Additional information and data clearing up the technology and approaches are available upon request.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Diesel engine industry
Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) process
Vehicles, equipped with small diesel engines like tractors, power barrows; electrical generator sets, etc

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Date posted: 2010-02-18

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