EPFCG Rail Gun

By using an explosive charge to drive a piston and compress a working gas a higher velocity can be achieved by the projectile. attaching a railgun assembly to the front and diverting the charge from the emp to the rails would further drive the rod into whatever is in front of it.

Full Description:
The design of an EPFCG or explosively pumped flux compression generator is basicaly an aluminum tube filled with explosives inside a charged coil. the explosive energy compresses and concentrates the electrical energy. the current use for the energy produced is anything from a pulsed powersource to a device to destroy electrical equipment. using it to power a rail gun would be convenient because the energy produced is so great that size of projectile would no longer be an issue. the amount of energy produced is directly proportionate to the starting energy multiplied by the energy supplied by the explosives. this could be used for studying high impacts or plasmas generated by the fields around the working gas.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
The need for a super powerful object projecting device.

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
the price for this device is what ever the manufacturing costs are, if you are willing to get me an engineering program to put on my computer i will design it for free just build me a small scale working model for my collection.

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Date posted: 2010-02-20

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