Pour'n Brush Liquid Delivery System

The invention of The Pour ‘N Brush Liquid Delivery System represents a direct response to the multitude of inherent problems associated with the delivery and application of liquids with a paint brush.

Utility patents issued in the United States and Canada.

Full Description:
Unlike most inventions, which solve only one problem area, the goal of the Pour ‘n Brush is to solve the multitude of inherent problems associated with the delivery and application of all liquids with a paint brush. From the time the container is opened, until the paint brush is cleaned, the consumer is confronted with a minimum of TEN problem areas – which can all be resolved with the use of this innovation.

To use this device, one simply places a disposable insert in the outer container. Up to one quart of liquid can be poured into the reservoir of the insert for the painting process. Upon completion, the remaining liquid is returned to the original container, by using the pouring spout of the insert.

In order to provide a convenient location for cleaning the brushes, the used disposable insert is replaced with a new one. Various types of brush cleaners can be poured into the insert to clean the brushes. Furthermore, with the required use of one disposable insert per paint application, and possibly a second one to clean the brushes, would provide the manufacturer with the potential for the unlimited repeat sales of the disposable insert.

As a result of the above, I have received numerous worldwide inquires from Direct Response TV Retailers, Domestic and Foreign Distributors, a National Sales firm and others:

1. We believe the Pour 'n Brush will be a good fit for QVC - Product scout.

2. Interested in distributing this product in Ireland and UK - UK Distributor.

3. Always looking for new and unique products - Australian import agent.

4. Please send me dealer information - Canadian distributor.

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6. I like your invention. It is ingenious. We work with the largest stores and thousands of specialty stores. If you can mass produce your product, visit us. - VP Product Development.

7. I am interested in your Pour 'N Brush. Is it possible to purchase distribution rights for South Africa? We will be in New Zealand soon. Consider us in the future. - import co.

8. I am interested in possibly purchasing your product for DRTV and on line stores. - Buyer/Producer.

9. We are interested in the Pour 'n Brush System and have contacts in construction/hardware industry. please send literature. - Canadian distributor.

10. Our network of distributors are looking for profitable inventions like yours. We would showcase your product free.

A a functional prototype, seven US and Canadian copyrights and manufacturing/packaging data are available.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
In order to solve the following problem areas, this device features a quart-sized outer container, a spouted dual compartment disposable insert, which consists of a reservoir for liquids and a brush storage area, a detachable ladder strap and carrying handle.

1. Liquids from small-neck containers, which cannot be accessed with a paint brush are simply poured into the reservoir for the brushing process.

2. The paint brush storage area provides a convenient location for storing wet brushes when not in use

3. Use of the handle or ladder strap enables the painter to easily carry or hold the equivalent of a quart-sized paint can for extended periods.

4. The raised perimeter of the insert facilitates the removal and capture of excess liquids from the brush.

5. Use of the pouring spout of the insert enables one to safely pour the remaining liquid in the insert back into the original container for storage.

6. The need to carry a bulky and heavy quart of paint is eliminated by pouring a lesser amount of liquid into the reservoir of the insert

7. The device can be suspended from a ladder for above-ground use by placing the ladder strap over a rung of the extension ladder.

8. The use of the disposable insert ensures instant cleanup whenever a color change is required or upon completion.

9. Paint brush cleaning capabilities are realized when brush cleaners are added to the reservoir of a new disposable insert to clean the brushes.

10. And finally, the new condition of the original paint container is maintained ,as the container is now only used for storage purposes-and not for the painting process.

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Date posted: 2010-07-02

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