Cash-My-Check (CMC) is a self service check cashing machine that provides real-time check verification for payroll, personal and corporate checks.

Full Description:
The Cash-My-Check (CMC) combines form and functionality to provide the best check cashing experience in the retail market today. With a variety of peripheral units integrated to facilitate a check cashing transaction, and the design to fit easily on a counter top, the Cash-My-Check kiosk delivers a check cashing solution that is unsurpassed.

Cash-My-Check is the solution of choice in the retail check cashing environment by
combining form and functionality.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Check Cashing issues. It is a self service 24 hour kiosk that cashes personal, payroll and corporate checks in real time.

Attached files:
CMC Revised.pdf
Cash 911 Machine Specs.pdf

Patent: US 501,378,948

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Invention #11653
Date posted: 2010-12-28

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