Flavored Charcoal

The object of charcoals is to cook meats or vegetables with direct heat without any spices. To achieve this effect at present, home cooks have several options.

1. Add spices or sauces to meats before or during grilling can be messy.
2. Charcoals are plain and bland, requires addition sauces.
3. Same boring routine of grilling.

Flavored Charcoals clearly makes grilling more exciting and less messy than regular charcoals and additional sauces.

Full Description:
Three out four American households have a barbecue grill. Of this number, more than half the grills are used year round, not just in the spring or summertime as might think.
The majority of grills use charcoal or gas as a fire source. Each method can have a different effect on the food that is cooked. Grilling is versatile a method of cooking that is constantly becoming more popular. This form of cooking has prompted the development of new products and ideas meant to make the process more efficient and enjoyable, in addition to making the food taste better.
Many people prefer cooking food over a charcoal fire, giving a delicious, natural flavor to the food. Prior to cooking, the food is often marinated with spices and juices. However, sprinkling or rubbing spices, and pouring juices over meats such as steaks, fish, or chicken can be a messy and time-consuming process.
A new Invention from Michael Jackson of Midway, Florida called Flavored Charcoal, would provide a convenient way for spices or juices to impart their tasty flavor to food cooked on a grill. It would eliminate the need for applying spices to the raw meat by hand, or remembering to baste the meat in any juices or sauces during cooking. Flavored Charcoal would be great to use for picnics, parties, and camping trips. It would be compact enough to transport wherever grilling was taking place.
Flavored Charcoal could be marketed to virtually all households.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Flavored Charcoal provides assistance for the not so experienced cook. By adding flavored spices to cooking without the use of multiple sauces and spices, the charcoals does it all for you.

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
Based on a rough estimate and the comparison to other charcoal products, I estimate the cost of goods, depending on the size bag to be approximately $6.00-$15.00 per bag.

An infomercial or home shopping network channel would be the ideal place to advertise the product and introduce its advantages over other products to the consumers.

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Patent: US 517,413

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Invention #11656
Date posted: 2011-02-23

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