"The Ultra Toe Guard" (The Safety Shoe Replacement)

The Ultra Toe Guard is a small plastic, metal, or synthetic insert that fits into the top cap of almost any shoe to provide protection equivalent to that of a Safety Shoe.

Full Description:
My “Patent Pending” invention is known as the Ultra Toe Guard (UTG) which is a simply a small plastic, metal, or synthetic toe cap that can be inserted into any shoe to automatically convert it into a Safety Shoe. The (UTG) has been designed as a low cost alternative to safety shoes in any industry that requires some form of personal foot protection. There is no other product like the UTG on the market. Therefore, with the current state of the economy, this product will be a niche product that could possibly position itself as the permanent replacement of often times uncomfortable and over-priced the safety shoes. The Ultra Toe Guard has been tested and has passed the same impact and compression testing that is administered to traditional safety shoes. The UTG can be inserted into almost any shoe (situated between the user’s toes and the shoe) to instantly transform it into a safety shoe. The UTG has been endorsed by Automotive Assembly companies, Repair shops, and Construction workers. The following is a list of some of the problems that consumers have with traditional safety shoes:
Current Safety Shoes that are on the Market are:

- Too heavy and uncomfortable
- Too expensive ( average cost $95.00)
- Hurt and damage feet
- Limited in styles and there is not much variety to choose from
- Just plain ugly and unappealing

Here are just some of the ways that the Ultra Toe Guard insert can be
beneficial to Employers, Employees, the Military, “do-it-yourselfers,” and other users:
The Ultra Toe Guard Will:

- Reduce the cost of Safety Shoe protection for the consumer (between $10.00 and $20.00 a pair)
- Reduce the cost to companies who normally provide Safety Shoes for their Employees (On average $80 per Employee per year).
- Have a low Manufacturing, a fraction of the cost to produce a complete safety shoe
- Comply with all OSHA safety regulations.
- Be able to be worn in almost any shoe that the user chooses (Unlimited Variety).
- Dramatically improve comfort compared to safety shoes.
- Have the capability of being inserted into a users’ shoes permanently or removed after each use.

Currently, the Ultra Toe Guard insert is awaiting a company who would like to manufacture, distribute, and market the product. A U.S. Patent Application was filed on this invention and is currently pending. I have attached pictures of the prototype along with pictures of shoes that the UTG will fit into comfortably.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
My idea addresses the cost, comfort, and appeal of shoes in the Safety Shoe Industry. My invention will give the consumer the ability to transform their favorite most comfortable pair of shoes into Safety Shoes at a fraction of the cost. It also addresses the cost that Employers incur (on average $80 per employee per year)when providing Safety Shoes for Employees. During these tough economic times the Ultra Toe Guard (UTG) will provide a low-cost option to Safety Shoes for Employees and Employers in all industries that Foot Protection is required.

Attached files:
Ultra Toe Guard (UTG).doc

Patent: US 12,134,880

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Invention #11658
Date posted: 2011-03-01

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