A motion detector incorporated with a small, waterproof and weather-friendly camera mounted to the exterior portion of door acts as the transmitter. A microphone is also featured at this station as well. When a person approaches within a certain vicinity of the door, the motion detector activates the camera and transmits a signal to a receiver on the inside of the house or business. Once sent, the signal activates a sound frequency, which alerts the person(s) inside that they have a guest or visitor, or possibly even an intruder. Once aware of the guest or unexpected visitor, the user can check the 4” x 4” monitor mounted on their side of the door, or the portable monitor stationed at the desired location within the home. Moreover, even if the homeowner is not on the premises, WI-FI capability will alert them wherever they are.

Full Description:
The invention is essentially a motion-sensored digital peep-hole with a microphone and speakers so you can also audibly communicate with the visitors. For visual enhancement optimization, a small, compact LCD/HD monitor mounted to the inside of the door allows the user to have a clear and crisp view of those on the outside. The picture is transmitted via the cameral mounted on the external portion of the door, along with the integrated motion detector; thus, activating the inner monitor anytime a certain proximity is breached.
Moreover, the user can view any visitors not only while at the door, but from a secondary portable monitor at any desired location within the home or business. Furthermore, a charging station would provide power to said monitors.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
•Replaces and revamps old, traditional peep-hole designs, which can be hard to see through and distort the image; therefore, it can be misleading and easy to fool•Allows the user to have a clear, visual perspective of those approaching their door
•Provides and easier and safer method for the disabled, physically impaired and the elderly to receive packages or deliveries before they are missed
•Audible aspects adhere to those who may have poor sight or ailments with their eyes that negate or hinder their vision,
•Portable monitors provide an easily accessible vantage point for viewing those at the door for children and the vertically challenged
•Parents/guardians can play in the yard with their children without having to worry about missing anyone at the door-RELIEVES STRESS AND WORRY
•Efficient for monitoring activities occurring on and around property, for example, is the babysitter doing his/her job, i.e. leaving the premises, having guests, etc…?
•Gives user ample time to call proper authorities should an unwanted or suspicious visitor breach the property
•Ultimately, the Butler is an accommodating security system that can alleviate unnecessary crimes and/or situations that could be life changing or even life threatening.

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Date posted: 2011-03-24

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