Enhance the digital camera/camcorder features

This innovation ideas help in better zoom in zoom out fascilities in the digital camera/camcorder. This also helps in retriving the lost photoes and videos which are deleted mistakely in digital camera/camcorder.

Full Description:
The idea is about solving the following problems:

1) Sometimes people would like to see a very near object at a distance. Let us say there are 20 objects that are in the digital camera/camcorder's focus. Because of some reason these objects are at very very short distance and therefore are not clear. For this reason user would like to have a facility whereby there will be an option in the digital camera/camcorder such that he/she can select the objetcs out of those say 20 objetcs and shoot them as if they are at distance. Because of this the objetcs will appear clearer which will appear blurred otherwise in their actual distance. For example when the picture/videos are shooted in a car, the obects are very nearer and most of the objects appear blurred. so if there are options in the digital camera/camcorder whereby the selected objects can be made to appear as if they are at some distance, the pictures/videos would appear more clearer.

2) When people use the zoom in or zoom out facility in the digital camera/ comcorder, they face a problem such that when they need to zoom in or zoom out an object they need to zoom in or zoom out the complete view. Because of this the object that the user wants to zoom in or zoom out gets disturbed by other zoomed in or the zoomed out objects as well. This is because the digital camera or the camcorder applies this option to all the objects that are under its focus.The solution that is purposed here is that when a user wants to zoom in or zoom out for example say only one particular objects out of say 20 objetcs that are in the focus of the digital camera or the camcorder, then the user should still be able to zoom in or zoom out only that one object and let other 19 objects untouched. This will help him/her to focus on that object more precisely.

3) Sometimes it happens in the digital camera and camcorder that the photoes/ videos get deleted mistakely and we can't retrieve them. they get lost forever. Therefor the important photoes and videos get lost.To overcome this problem there can be an extra memory space in the digital camera and camcorder such that the deleted photoes/ videoes get stored into it. This will act like a recycle bin in the computer. Because of this the user can retrieve the lost photoes and the videos which are important to them.

4)When people go out for suiting, they don't generally carry laptop/computer with them.
Therefore there are chances that they are constrained to use the memmory card that is within the camera while they take photoes/ videos. Also people may think that they can carry another SD card/CD for the camera/camcorder. But there are limitations that the digital camera may not support more than a certain size of the SD camera at a time, e.g. 4GB at a time.
We can overcome the problem with the following solution

We can have a facility in digital camera/ camcorder such that it can support the photo and
video transfer into a pen drive.The advantage with this is that people generally prefer to carry pen drive over the SD card or the CD.Also the digital camera/camcorder will not have any limitation on the size of the memory that the pen drive will have. That is the digital
camera/camcorder can support any bigger memory size of the pen drive.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
it resolves the following issues
1) It adds the better zoom in /zoom out facilities in digital camera/camcorder
2) The mistakely deleted data in the digital camera/camcorder will be retrieved

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Date posted: 2011-04-22

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