Wind-Turbine Improvements

Wind turbine carries a rotating shroud around blades incorporating generator rotor components that pass a stator close to the mast, or alternatively, rotor blades carry permanent magnets or laminated iron that pass along an arc-shaped stator carried on the mast.

Full Description:
Direct-drive wind turbines have a large generator rotor that has a peripheral speed that is very low compared with the optimum, and hence is larger and heavier than normal. Many turbines are geared to produce nearer-optimum speeds for the generator rotors. However, the gearboxes are the principal cause of turbine failures. They are also inefficient and very heavy. The optimum speed of electrical generators is close to the tip peripheral speed of turbine blades at full output. The invention consists of two alternative methods of using the turbine tip speed for electrical generation. One alternative is to have a rotating shroud connected to the blade tips, and to have permanent magnets, or copper or iron around this shroud. It would run past matching components in a stator close to the turbine pillar.

The second alternative is to have a permanent magnet or laminated iron on the tip of each blade. The blade tips and magnets or iron armatures would run past arcs carrying the matching components mounted on the turbine pillar. If the turbine has three blades, the arcs would extend 60 degrees on either side of the pillar. There would therefore be virtually no need to enter the nacelle for maintenance. The generator components would be accessible at a much lower level. The yaw bearings would also be at a lower level. Erection and assembly costs would be much reduced. Electrical efficiency would be increased.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
High first cost and maintenance cost of gearbox and generator problems

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Invention #11732
Date posted: 2012-02-23

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