Hand pump pressurize garden water butt / hose pipe system

Hand pump pressurize / hose pipe garden water butt system, water butt has various specially designed drain attachments to compatibly fit with any drain pipe configuration. simply slot the right compatible drain pipe attachment on to the top lid of water butt then to drain pipe. The water butt is designed so you can make it compatible in any situation. -- Hand pump mechanism pressurizes the water butt and there is a pressure release valve inbuilt for when you have finished using the water butt this depressurizes the tank.

Full Description:
Hand pump water butt /hose pipe system specially designed & extra drain attachments

This garden water butt is pressurized by a hand pump mechanism, its system and design is similar to a fence paint sprayer system, once pressurized you can attach a hose pipe 4 watering i.e garden

Key benefits- with big water bills and hose pipe bans, this concept is an alternative,
having to fill a watering can repeatedly from a butt and water the garden can be hard for old people or person with back problems etc, my Watering butt /hose system is a solution to this problem.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
integrated hose pipe/water-butt system that solves the problem of using mains water supply/ paying high water bills when gardening, also it is a Government hose pipe water ban/ drought/ solution.

Patent: GB 3

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Invention #11792
Date posted: 2013-01-15

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