Ocean Bait rider

I will be Marketing FREE SCENT # TASTE from restaurants and making a Special Recipe Bait that you ROLL OUT LIKE a HOSE up to (one Half mile) It will have a special Bite and Tug Pressure to it Tool. LAST you Cast and OCEAN RIDE the HOSE for a Half mile on the odds etc

Full Description:
My idea is a RECIPE and HOSE LIKE EDIBLE Material Tricky Bites and Trigger Tools. To Hold onto. to see if Biting MAP nO Electronics. You Roll out the Ocean Bait Rider in the Ocean favorite Spots and You Cast on the Rider Link to Troll your LIVE bAIT on the (one Half Mile STRIP) This Ocean Bait Rider will be above the Crabs Period and Flexible. THE ODDS are in your FAVOR .I,m taking the TASTE # MATERIAL from .S.F Restaurants and making a Special Recipe for 4 to 5 Fish !! SALES.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Makes Fishing a better Chance more than casting out each Time waiting. my idea is beeting the NO WIN SCENARIO and having alot of FUN FISHING with my Idea product. The idea Product is a RIDER BAIT that the real bait rides. The Ocean Bait rider will Float above JUST the CRABS under. This is a STRONG FISHING BAIT INDUSTRY Idea Product

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
I Will be WORKING on the graphs and Business Plan READY . I Know its a WINNER HUNTER # FISHERMEN since 7 yrs old

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Ocean Bait Rider Documents.pdf

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Date posted: 2013-02-05

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