Water soluble/Dissolvable Tape/Blanket filled with Paint Stripper

The stripper filled tape/blanket is made with PVOH, a water soluble film (much the same as the new soluble plastic film you find on a dishwasher soap tablets or the new laundry soap ‘PODS’).

Full Description:
Paint strippers can be dangerous to use, difficult to apply, and expensive. One problem with paint stripper is it tends to evaporate before it completes its objective. Paint stripper is used in the sun by choice to collect the heat and release any fumes when working on furniture, car parts, air Planes etc… Stripper can take 30 minutes to work but evaporates in as little as 10 minutes. The solution to all these drawbacks is our patented invention; water dis-solvable tape or a blanket filled with paint stripper - much safer to handle, very easy to apply, convenient, quick, environmentally friendly, and economical - plus, it works! There are a number of fields of use: Fields of use that produce 10's of millions of dollars of paint removal; Automotive, Aviation, Marine, Swimming Pools, Removing Road Markings/Painted Lines for the DOT, Graffiti, General Construction (small painted houses to large apartment buildings) Retail (big box retailers) and Government. Note of interest; Stripping of aircraft accounts for almost 1/3 of all paint stripping in the USA and this patented process can greatly improve on the procedures.

This Invention increases the effectiveness of using stripper in each of the listed fields of use.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
In brief, paint strippers evaporate in as little 10 minutes but need as much as two (2) hours to work. The invention (dissolvable tape filled with paint stripper) stops the evaporation of the active ingredients and allows the stripper to complete its intended job, while reducing VOC's, application time, and splattering. The tape filled with paint remover comes pre-packaged metering and distributing the correct amount of material to the target area

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
prototypes are available and are out in the field for testing, would like to sell exclusive into each field of use, or if deal is stuck all fields of use as a whole.

Patent: US 8,419,863

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Invention #11824
Date posted: 2013-04-28

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