An anti theft and anti vandal toilet roll dispenser for public washrooms as seen at

Full Description:
Here at last is a all-new design that takes a completely new approach to beating the vandal problem. Most attempts to overcome vandalism are based on making the dispenser stronger, but that is not the answer. A super strong dispenser can still be kicked off the wall or have the keyhole blocked by a frustrated user.

The two main problems that cause frustration occur when the user cannot access the tissue. Many dispensers offer tissue through a slot that often causes problems, or when tissue tears off close to the end of a jumbo roll the end can be impossible to find. Either way many users will get angry enough to take revenge on the dispenser.

This new design offers the user perfect access to the tissue as the roll in use is out in the open, yet it cannot be stolen. The dispenser also has a generous capacity; nearly as much as a large jumbo roll, yet the magazine can be topped up anytime. This means it has more than enough capacity to service the busiest toilet.

This is probably the first dispenser in the world to offer KEYLESS roll entry for fast simple loading. Imagine, no key and no keyhole to block. Yes, now we have beaten the vandals.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Prevents theft of toilet tissue from public washrooms and finally beats the vandalism problem

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Date posted: 2013-08-28

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