Pulsed Propane Refrigeration

Liquid propane is passed through a refrigerator's expansion valve and evaporator on its way to a gas appliance.

Full Description:
The liquid propane converts to a gas in the evaporator, and provides cooling. The best part is it uses NO additional propane beyond the original application. It is an open loop system that does away with the compressor, motor, and condenser of a conventional refrigerator. Only small DC batteries are required to operate the controls. The key is I developed a two cycle fill and dwell that is extremely efficient. It is somewhat like a two cycle gas engine that has to have several parameters tuned together to function efficiently. Ideal for 3rd world countries, tail gaters, sidewalk vendors, hybrid residential refrigerators and freezers. This is NOT meant to replace conventional refrigeration as it only functions when propane is being used for another device. It Harvests the cold that is usually wasted on a cold sweaty propane tank.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Provides refrigeration off the grid.

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
For sale, two fully functional prototypes. Lots of technical documentation. Signed rights to system,(Provisional patent awarded, non-provisional denied). Full technical assistance regarding two years of development. Key details of system.
A reserve of $20,000 for all.

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Asking price: [CONTACT SELLER]
Available for consultation? Yes

Invention #11873
Date posted: 2013-09-10

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