Wankel rotary engine

This working model I have designed and built with attention to details,is made of clear plexiglass and is operates with one click on a botton.
The model is big enough and can stand on large table.

Full Description:
I have just finished the model assembly,it looks unique for it's stracture,It has one small electric motor which operates the model components.
It has some gears,wheels and bearings and stands on colorful wooden stand.
I have also the video animation of how this model is working.Pictures are available too.
I have made few of this model,in two colors.I can be flexible in negotiations regarding the sale of interest in the idea.Thank You.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
The working design model,clearly shows the basics of the wankel rotary engine,It is major part for students who Studying the issue of mechanics.
It can also be usful to have as presentation in exhibition.

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
The model can be usful for students who study mechanics,or can be for presentation in A science or technology exhibition.

Asking price: [CONTACT SELLER]
Available for consultation? Yes

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Date posted: 2013-12-01

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